Massimo Boninsegni Worm Algorithm for Continuous-Space PIMC
Univ. Alberta, Canada
Joe Carlson DMC for Ultracold Trapped Fermionic Atoms 
Los Alamos 
Michele Casula Lattice Regularized DMC 
Univ. Illinois 
David Ceperley Coupled Electron Ion Monte Carlo Calculations for Dense Hydrogen
Univ. Illinois 
Simone Chiesa Random phase approximation and Finite size errors in Many Body Simulation
Univ. Illinois
Neil Drummond Optimization of QMC Trial Wave Functions by Variance Minimization
Cambridge Univ. 
Mal Kalos Status of Fermion Monte Carlo
Lawrence Livermore
Myung Won Lee Electronic Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of
Univ. Pennsylvania Energies and Atomic Forces for Diatomic and Polyatomic Molecules
Lubos Mitas Fermion Nodes and Pfaffian Pairing Wave Functions: Beyond the Fixed-Node Approximation
North Carolina State 
Saverio Moroni Space-warp transformation on nodal distance
Trieste, Italy 
Richard Needs Applications of diffusion quantum Monte Carlo
Cambridge Univ. 
Peter Nightingale Optimized guiding functions for excited state calculations
Rhode Island
Fernando Reboredo One Convenient Basis to Transform a DFT Guy into a QMC One 
Oak Ridge 
Kevin Schmidt (participant)
Arizona State
John Shumway Fixed Phase Path Integrals for Fermions, Magnetic Fields, and Spinors
Arizona State
Sandro Sorella Effective hamiltonian with lattice regularization for
Sissa, Italy  realistic systems
Nandini Trivedi Transport and other Dynamic Properties: Experiences with Lattice Models
Ohio State Univ. 
Cyrus Umrigar Optimization of Variational Wavefunctions
Cornell Univ. 
Bob Wiringa Recent Developments in Nuclear Quantum Monte Carlo
Argonne National Lab. 
Shiwei Zhang Recent developments in electronic structure calculations by auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo
Coll. Wm. and Mary 
Robert Zillich Molecules in Helium Nanodroplets
Fraunhoffer-ITWN, Germany


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