Powering Chromosome Movement in Mitosis: Mobile Tethers on Dynamic Microtubule Ends

Spring 2017
Ekaterina “Katya” Grishchuk
University of Pennsylvania
Wed, 2017-03-01
487 GWC
Rizal Hariadi


Accurate chromosome segregation during cell division crucially depends on the dynamic links between chromosomal kinetochores and the plus ends of spindle microtubules. Fragile attachments may lead to chromosome loss and aneuploidy, a hallmark feature of cancer cells. In healthy cells, the kinetochore-bound microtubule ends continuously assemble and disassemble, but the kinetochore remains stably attached even under tension, while chromosome moves concomitantly with tubulin dynamics. My lecture will review our work toward understanding the biophysical mechanisms that are responsible for bi-directional processive kinetochore “tracking” in mitotic cells, focusing on the specific roles played by the kinetochore kinesin CENP-E and microtubule binding proteins Dam1 and Ndc80.



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