Hydrodynamic Hunters

Spring 2017
Hossein Jashnsaz
Dr. Steve Presse's Research Group
Tue, 2017-02-07
PSF 372

 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria present a serious rising concern and demands for a new effective treatment are higher than ever. To fight these, one promising candidate is the predatory bacterium, Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus (BV) that has recently successfully been used in vivo in antibacterial therapy. However, despite over 50 years since its discovery and multiple biochemical and genetic studies into the hunting strategy of BV, it is still unclear whether BV chemically detects its prey or collides with it at random. Nonetheless, we identify a novel, hydrodynamic, mechanism by which BV locates its prey bacteria. This talk will present our theoretical and experimental approuches addressing this problem.


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