Directed Actin Cytoskeleton Self Organization and Contractility

Spring 2017
Laurent Blanchoin
Université Grenoble-Alpes and Université Paris Diderot
Wed, 2017-02-15
487 GWC
Rizal Hariadi


Actomyosin contractility plays a central role in a wide range of cellular processes, including the establishment of cell polarity, cell migration, tissue integrity, and morphogenesis during development.The contractile response is variable and depends on actomyosin network architecture and biochemicalcomposition. To determine how this coupling regulates actomyosin-driven contraction, we used a micropatterning method that enables the spatial control of actin assembly. We generated a variety of actin templates and measured how defined actin structures respond to myosin-induced forces. Based on this approach, we determined how actin network contractility depends on its architecture under a defined set of biochemical conditions.


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