Computer Simulations Workshop

Spring 2015
Allan Friesen
Arizona State University
Mon, 2015-07-13
PSH 365
Dmitry Matyushov

Allan Friesen and Dmitry Matyushov have organized a summer school for talented high school students from the valley. The summer school was supported by a NSF grant (CHE-1464810), CBP, and by the Physics department at ASU. Three weeks of activities focused on learning how to perform computer simulations of biomolecules and to analyze the results. Students learned basics of UNIX, could submit parallel-processor computer jobs of hydrated proteins, and to analyze trajectories by writing their own computer scripts. Allan received his PhD in Physics from ASU, was a former CBP student, and is currently a high-school science teacher.  CBP graduate student, Hadi Dinpajooh, and postdoc, Dan Martin, helped out with hands-on tasks and analysis. 


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