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Background We want to understand how living things work by understanding the molecules that make cells and higher organisms function. Two main projects in the lab focus on the molecular mechanisms that control gene expression and on electron transfer in molecules involved in energy metabolism. Our gene-expression project is carried out in collaboration with the Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression at the NIH. We use atomic force microscopy to study how chromatin (the DNA-protein complex that makes chromosomes) is altered when a model gene regulation system is "turned on" by a signaling process in a cell. Our energy transfer project is carried out in collaboration with the ASU Photosynthesis Center and Motorola. We use conducting atomic force microscopy to probe the electronic properties of single molecules. We recently solved the problem of making reliable electrical contacts to single molecules (see the paper in Science listed below). These projects are supported by other work in instrumentation and biosensors. For more details see the lab homepage.

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PhD, University of Manchester, 1976
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Biophysics and Scanning Probe Microscopy


Arizona State University, P.O. Box 871504, Tempe, AZ 85287-1504

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